City Tour with Blue Mosque & Topkapi Palace


Grand Mosque


Ancient City of Ephesus
Sirince Village


Hierapolis & Cotton Castle


Mausoleum of Mevlana


Underground City of Kaymali, Goreme Open Air Museum, Valley of the Bird & Uchisar Castle


Mausoleum of Ataturk


Old Ottoman Houses/Lake Abant*
Grand Bazaar


Minimum 10 Adults to Move, 15 Adults to have a Tour Leader.

Tipping Guideline: US$ 7 pax/day for Guide, Driver & Tour Leader


Revisions, if any, in itinerary are subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available at In particular, the Customer is requested to note the following:

  • Itinerary may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.
  • Accommodation in designated cities is subject to room availability.
  • Sequence of itinerary may be subject to change.
  • Proposed changes, if any, that are not accepted will be subject to the refund provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions.
  • During fairs and major events accommodation may not be in the city stated.
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    Thank you Chan's World ,for arranging fantastic family holiday for me and my family, We have schedule to travel to Istanbul on 16th December 2019! this is a dream trip which my daughter was asking for the past few months...The trip was planned and proposed by Mr Shaifullah Sudirman from Chans World, I met Shaifullah sudirman on Chan worlds holiday promotions at Marina Square on the month of September 2019, Shaifullah has given a fabulous explanations on my planned holiday trip which was very impressed , the proposed planned matches with my daughter dream holiday...Im so impressed and confirmed the trip immediately.. At chans worlds, all the staffs are very friendly and very approachable ... looking forward to t our planned holiday trip this December with chans world

    TG Neri, TL Janet n driver Mr Hassan all have went out their way to ensure n make sure that the trip is smooth n safe. Neri is very knowledgeable and went extra miles in making sure every one is accommodated. Her knowledge about Islam is very in depth. Janet works well hand in hand with Neri, making sure that all is well and going.

    Janet and Neri were very kind. Always smiling and showed concern of our well being by asking if we were ok. Janet even brought chilli sauce and bought roti for us. Neri was definitely very knowledgeable on the history of the country. Gained interesting information. Daily updating us on the prayers time and places where we could perform our prayers. Mr Hassan was the perfect coach captain. Always keeping his cool and ensuring our safety. All three were very patient. That's important. Overall excellent service. Will definitely travel with the agency again.

    Package was excellent value for money; hotels/meals were great; local guide was like a history lecturer; driver was stoically patient and super safe; and Ms Janet was very friendly, helpful and wholly engaging with the group.

    I truly enjoyed the trip. The itinerary was well-planned and good time management. Eventhough at times we felt shortage of time and rushed at certain places and spending alot of time on the road, I understand that that is unavoidable given that the country is very big and we are city hopping in a short period of time. The accommodations were beautiful, spacious and comfortable. My main concern when travelling is definitely accommodation. And with this tour, I am definitely more than satisfied with the accommodation. I absolutely respect and grateful to Mr Hassan the Coach Captain for enduring the long journey without rest while ensuring we reach each destination safely. He had really done well driving long and far, and even help us with our heavy luggages without complaining even once. Nerim the Tour Guide is really knowledgeable and always patiently share her knowledge eventhough at times, many of us are distracted and not really listening. She is very generous with her knowledge and strict with the time management. But I believe that she is right to be strict only so that we can cover all the places as per itinerary and even cover places not in the itinerary when time permits. Overall, she is superb. Janet the Tour Leader, from the start she had proactively reach out to us to introduce herself and make herself readily available for us to reach out when in need of advice or help. During the trip, she had definitely tried to accommodate to every single one of us to ensure our comfort, safety and satisfaction. She had even went the extra mile to volunteer to snap photos for us and providing chilli sauce bottles during meals. She is friendly and easygoing that I can comfortably communicate with her when need help or have any problem. Well done Chan Brothers Travel! I had selected this tour as I like the itinerary and I have no regrets. I am not sure if I will go for another tour with Chan Brothers Travel as I do not like to be tied down to tour packages and prefer to travel free & easy as according to my own itinerary. But if ever I am going to a country that for convenience would be better to take group tour, then I would definitely consider Chan Brothers first.

    Our travel guide, Faz, was very helpful and friendly. As a first time traveller in Turkey, I appreciate when she shares her previous experiences. Journey was smooth with Renk United Travel and both our local guide and bus captain were excellent. Truly a fun-filled trip!

    Excellent tour. Caterted timely stops and toilet break for the seniors and children. We had two good tour leaders Fatih and Faz. Both shared their experience on Turkey and best locations to shop and eat. Places of Interest was explained clearly according to its historical values.

    The procedures and interactions with the agents since I first inquired about this tour was super smooth. I was always kept updated regarding the tour confirmation. I am very satisfied with the discounts and the price for this trip. The agents who dealt with me (Shaifullah & Suzila) were very friendly, helpful and professional. I am very pleased with the variety of food, the knowledgeable Turkish tour guide, the skillful driver, wi-fi-equipped bus, the immersive culture I got to experience, the wonderful hotel rooms and the packed itinerary. I love that I got to experience all the varieties of delicious Turkish food and hotel rooms. Every day is an amazing and exciting new experience! I specifically asked for cultural and historical tour and it is really beyond my expectations! The tour is supremely rich in history and culture. Fatih, our Turkish guide, is very well-versed with history. He informed us of tricks and tips on photography, best places to shop for specific souvenirs, and he is very patient and professional at all times. The 9 days is very appropriate, not too short nor too long. I love that there were times where I have to follow the group, but also enough times for free and easy to wander around the towns/cities by myself. You have a very satisfied customer here. I have no complaints! I have prepared mentally before the trip that I may have to compromise on certain things while traveling plus with a group I don't know. But I found that I only have to compromise on small things which didn't really matter to me. I enjoyed myself everyday in this tour! Thank you so much for arranging a wonderful and unforgettable trip! No doubt I will recommend Chan Brothers to friends and families. =D

    As this is my first time using Chan's World, it has proven to me that it is a good travel agent and looking forwards for my next trip with them.

    The tour was very comprehensive and complete. The tours were all well organised and hotels were splendid. The tour group that Chan's World is working with was great, accommodative and also knowledgeable.

    Very good experience travel with Chan's World! The guide was very professional and friendly as well as patient with the group. I will personally recommend this to a friend.

    My first time with Chan's World and liked it very much. Overall, it was such a good and wonderful tour.